Purchasing Squimpish flies
Thanks for your interest in purchasing my flies. It has always been an honor and pleasure to share my flies with friends and other fishermen that I meet, and I appreciate your visiting my web site and supporting my fly-tying endeavour.

I tie every fly slowly, by hand, and strive to carry on a tradition of creating the finest flies available anywhere. I generally do not have many extra flies on hand to sell, and so there is generally be a bit of a wait before I can fulfill on orders I receive.

Can I buy the flies on the web site? Most of those flies are gone at this point, but I can re-create flies in most styles, depending, of course, on the availability of materials.

What flies do you recommend? I would suggest contacting me personally before ordering, and I will be glad to discuss and help you select the most appropriate flies for the season, location, and conditions that you will be fishing.

What are the prices of the flies? Prices range from $10-$20. Due to the materials used and the time required to create each fly, my flies are generally more expensive than those found elsewhere. The prices are what I need to charge in order to be able to make the time in my schedule to tie enough to have flies available for sale, as there are only so many hours left to fish...

Are they worth the cost? I do not personally think so, but you may disagree. If you are someone who appreciates the finest flies, then I do believe that mine will not disappoint you.

Will a Squimpish fly catch more fish? No. A great fisherman may appreciate a finer fly, but a finer fly does not make a greater fisherman. I would suggest that your money might be better spent on some books, such as the ones I list on my Influences page.

If you would like to order flies or contact me I will be glad to assist you. Please visit my Contact page.


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