Children Of The Sages
I come to the water as a fisherman and a student, and such I shall always remain. I live in reverence to the fish and fisherman who have come before me, and those who come beyond me.

My flies have not been dreamed up and created from a void. They have grown from experience and from the influence of many talented fly-tyers, whom I hold in great reverence. I suppose my own style could be described as an attempt to connect my own understanding of fishing with the knowledge of the fly-tying Sages. At heart, I treat each of my flies as followers of a great fly-fishing tradition and as members of an extended family of finely-tied flies; they are children of the Sages.

I tie flies in homage to the fish, out of respect to the beauty of the world we live in, and to its many game fish that I pursue with love and admiration. They are more than worthy of the time and creativity I expend at the vise. Whether a fly takes five minutes or forty-five minutes to tie, when I tie it on the end of my line it feels good; it feels right.

The first book that made a big impact on me was "A Modern Dry Fly Code" by Vincent Marinaro. I quickly adopted this book's vision as my way of fly-fishing and fly-tying for trout. Art Lee's "The Lore of Trout Fishing" was to soon push me over the edge with regards to my fishing/tying life, as the waters he stalked were my own in many ways, and derivations of the fly patterns that he (and also Galen Mercer) created were to become the basis of my own.

As I began to fish for stripers it was only logical to tie patterns for them as well. The books "Pop Fleyes" and "Striper Moon/A Perfect Fish" were the catalysts for my saltwater tying and fishing. Flies by Dave Skok, Dino Torino and Jonny King also influenced my tying.

The next step in the development of my fly-tying was when I began to learn about the Pacific Northwest Steelheaders, Syd Glasso and Paul Miller. I began to incorporate their presentation strategies, their choice of materials, methods, and tying patterns into my own tying.

I then learned about chasing salmon in Europe/Iceland/Scandinavia which opened up my saltwater fly-tying to new realms for exploration. "Spey Flies and How to Tie Them" by Bob Veverka; "Shrimp and Spey Flies" and "Hairwing and Tube Flies" by Chris Mann were highly influential in this regard.

Gratitude to my fly-tying influences:
Lefty Kreh/Joe Brooks
Art Lee/Galen Mercer
Vincent C. Marinaro
Bob Popovics/Steve Farrar
Jonny King/Dino Torino
Jack Gartside/Bill Catherwood
Kenny Abrahames/John Kelsey
David Skok/Nathaniel Linville
Syd Glasso/Paul Miller/Bob Veverka

Pop Fleyes by Bob "The Man" Popovics
A Perfect Fish/Striper Moon by Ken Abrahames
A Modern Dry Fly Code by Vincent C. Marinaro
The Lore Of Trout Fishing by Art Lee
Shrimp and Spey Flies by Chris Mann
Hairwing and Tube Flies by Chris Mann
Spey Flies and How to Tie Them by Bob Veverka


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